who am i?

i am
siti munirah binti ismail
but like to use nickname (in the Net world) -> BayBort..(don't ask me the meaning of it)
was born in a great year..which is -> 1991
by year 2011, i am 20 years old
still studying in an institute which called Institut Pendidikan Guru Kampus Perlis
majoring in TESL
insyaAllah will be an English teacher soon..in about 3 years time~
was born in Kelantan and raised up in Kelantan by my dearest & loveliest parents
and now i am migrating and staying Perlis..hehe

this blog is mostly about my life
what i've gone through everyday
as a girl (woman-to-be..hehe), daughter, student, and also khalifah of Allah s.w.t. on this Earth
i also put in anything that i like to post..
and something about Islam teaching too

this blog is for sure is a manglish blog
there's some in English
but there's a lot in Malay too
depends on my mood..how i wanna write it and what language i wanna use
well~~it is my blog..hehe
and there's might be some grammar error in my post..(i'm sorry~~)

happy reading then
if u like it..then read it
if you don't like it..i don't mind if you don't wanna read it
writing for me is fun
and can be something that is useful to relieve all the tense/any negative feeling

have a great day! :D

peace be upon you all xD ;)