Tuesday, February 26, 2013


"terrible all these people"
ayat tu memang buat aku rasa nk bagi penampaq je tadi..hahh...dlm hati dh..ughh..tp alhamdulillah dapat control and buat dunno je depan that particular person.
memang tau sangat nk bg ayat sebab kerja orang
yeah! kerja awak sangat la perfect kan..sy sanjung awak.heh!
tu dh explain everything dh tu..
saya berdoa semoga anda dapat karma

Monday, February 25, 2013

hey it's Monday!

penat, rase nak tido..
dan rasa mahu melantak instant mee cintan cup..sedang menunggu utk dimakan agaknya tu..haha

oh hari ini..isnin
people normally have bad hair day..that will go for those who didn't wear tudung..so for people who wears tudung i think it is bad hijab day
and so i had one today
felt upset with my newly bought akel tudung with light green colour that i wore today cuz it doesn't seem to be upsetting me as the other akel tudung are easy to handle..but i can't upset wearing it easily though..huhu

and in the evening all of us in semester 5 need to come down to the astaka and field for the KOT this year every evening as the real KOT will be on this Friday
so the situation that had happened this evening was
our class was supposed to be incharge for 'security and first aid'
actually pbsm's group from sem 3 need to be on duty for every evening as they already arranged the timetable who are supposed to be on duty every day..but......only two person show themself..oh! so we (the class who is in charge for that) need to do the work to replace the pbsm
and....the time went by without anything happened yet..and til past three the was two persons who's injured..and so..k.jiha and me..i picked up the first aid kit and she picked up the ice plastic and running there..she initially want to go behind the astaka but i think that will prolong the time..so i ran on the field..where..there were sooo many other people who's been watching the events..and so they watched us..running past them..with the first air kit and ice in plastic..and they were..i dunno whether it's cheering or shouting..and we felt sooo awkward..and tired running to the place where the injured person were laying..upon reached them i felt like i want to faint cuz tired of running..hahaha
and after that we decided just to stay at the field to get ready for other might injured people..as there were..it's been really an evening..hahaha
oh and plus..it's been raining..all evening..towards the end of the games the rain just became more heavier..as i wore my hat and it got so wet..

and tomorrow..
my class..
we're going for the BIG for this sem which is Bench-Marking where we need to go to high-performing school and..do what we need to do..yeah! it's more like a visit to that school..hahaha
and we're going to SMS Sultan Mohamad Jiwa in Sungai Petani..
and i heard they're planning to go somewhere after that..maybe we'll go to village mall..or..let just see what they'll decide..i'll just follow..

i want to watch cloud atlas! and jack, the giant slayer..
and can't wait to receive the BB1M..

okay..really hungryyy now.....
so okay bye..

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

nasi goreng tomyam

alkisah rasa meccok..
tadi petang setelah berjalan dari astaka dan sampai ke cafe lebih kurang pukul 6.25..dekat-dekat 6.30 la..
ordered nasi goreng tomyam..
ketika di astaka sudah rasa starving..
setelah puas menunggu dan berkali-kali tanya..pukul 7 malam baru dapat my order..
dan sehingga hilang semula rasa starving td..
dan berazam dah tak mau pergi beli nasi di cafe itu time petang..
dari lapar sikit sampai jadi rasa kebulur and sampai hilang mood nak makan..