Monday, April 30, 2012

28th April 2012

kredit: Nero. tempat: titi gantung, denai larian, pengkalan asam, kangar, perlis.

kredit: Nero. kek dan buku from tehah sayang. aiskrim taken by subi comei. kad from umai cun!hihi

it's the day
saya berusia 21 tahun
(err..21? ermmm...dewasa? alamak!hadoi)
sedih la pulak rase
dah 21 tahun
Ya Allah
di tahap manakah hamba-Mu ini? T_T
dengan kurniaan usia ini
aku mampu..menggunakan ia dengan sebaik-baiknya


terima kasih banyak-banyak
thank you very much
syukran jazilan kathira

kepada semua
yang mengucapkan selamat
yang mendoakan saya
semoga doa-doa kalian 
diperkenankan oleh-Nya

yang sudi memberikan saya
sedikit penghargaan
for my day
little present of appreciation that i will always remember

tidak lupa juga
kepada yang sudi...
spent some time with me

sanah helwah untuk kembar saya di maktab ini
Aina yang tomei

 *thanks for the happy birthday song..and..cupcakes song too!!

appreciating everything that you guys had gave me very3 much
semoga Allah membalas jasa dan budi baik kalian

not to forget
to my parents
especially my mom
who had gave birth of me
and they both
had gave me a lot since i was born
i was born a day after their 1st anniversary :D

this year
was a little bit different from last year
yes of course
because this year i had turned 21
and me
i am still having this teen's look
it's funny when
when i met people..and their first thought was i am still in my secondary school year
but when i told them that i am 21
they tend to be surprised..hahaha

i really hope
that this increasing of age
is in line with my 'amalan'

ooh....i like this small thing...haha~ 
record yang dekat kedai saje la yang mampu dibuat..huhu

knew something
some truth
that had been kept for so long
that made me cried
i wasn't mad to that person for tht incident
but i am a bit disappointed why not telling me the truth earlier

i hope i can holding on to this phrase strongly
"what He takes today is what He want to-give-that-is-more-better by tomorrow.."
i will try to

Saturday, April 28, 2012

kredit: hasil Nero.

everything in life is temporary.
so if things are going good, enjoy it because it won't last forever.
and if things are going bad, don't worry.
it can't last forever either.

Friday, April 27, 2012


kredit: hasil Nero. collection of November 2011

always remember that,
no matter how useless you feel,
you're someone's reason

always do remember that,
how lonely you feel,
ALLAH is always there for you

*yesterday..i was in progress of finishing my last my assignments to be submitted today
only one more reflections left
if i really take the time to write it
i probably..will..take less than an hour
but...just suddenly
i lost the idea on how to write and what to write
i can't stand just sit through and staring at those blank pages on my laptop's screen
waiting for those ideas and words to come to me
i took the initiatives to edit a picture
to easen my feeling..wahaha (can i say it like that?hihi)
i checked through all those files of photos that i had in my laptop
found the file of photos of November 2011
and found that
i thought it was kinda interesting
edited some
came to the part of thinking of what words to be suited with it
googled up something on google images
found some interesting phrases
so just went on to finish the task
and finally putting the watermark part
already stuck up with that 'baybort' name i guess
it's done!

after i put that photo on the net
then the spirits and ideas came
so my work was done before 12am
doing some printing job 
it's all up kept nicely in the file :)
still took hours before really going to bed (aaa...nearly two hours after that..hihi)
that's generation Y's life...isn't it?hehehe
well..enough with it..i just wanna stress on the photo here..

Thursday, April 26, 2012

sebiru warna langit

[hasil asha]

Katakanlah: Siapakah yang memberi rezeki kepadamu dari 
langit dan bumi, atau siapakah yang kuasa (menciptakan) 
pendengaran dan penglihatan, dan siapakah yang mengeluarkan yang hidup dari yang mati dan mengeluarkan 
yang mati dari yang hidup, siapakah yang mengatur segala 
urusan? Maka mereka akan menjawab: Allah. Maka katakanlah: Mengapa kamu tidak bertaqwa (kepada-Nya)?

(AQ surah Yunus: 31)

*langit ciptaan Allah itu amat luas..
*pokok itu mampu hidup, tumbuh subur walaupun di dinding..kerana kuasa-Nya
*tidakkah kita mahu bertaqwa kepada-Nya?
*muhasabahlah..dengan apa sahaja yang ada di sekeliling kita..kerana semuanya adalah 
ciptaan Allah Yang Maha Esa..semoga kita akan tergolong dalam kalangan orang-orang yang 
bertaqwa insyaAllah

setiap ciptaanNya adalah tanda cintaNya.. dan cintaNya hanya dapat dinikmati bagi orang-orang yang berfikir ;) [credited: Capix Shinobu, 25 April 2012]

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

gnomeo & juliet

this evening
after done speeding doing two reflections of few last assignments to be submitted
(whereas students from other classes already done with all of their assignments *sigh*)
i watched this movie, entitled 'Gnomeo & Juilet'
had fun watching it
really...cuz...i... like to watch animation movie..(still full with child spirits..hehe~ well..i have yet reaching 21 years old..kui3~ and looks make people will say i'm still a secondary school student..wahaha~)
this movie was just a renovation of romeo & juliet the form of gnomes love..interesting isn't it?

few of the screen shot of this movie..hehe

i really like this one.. ;D

that's them..when they were on their first date..of their doom love..the blue one is gnomeo..the red one is juliet

Monday, April 23, 2012


nama: bunga kesidang. lokasi: dik, ipg kp. tangkapan: nero.

dengan apa sahaja yang kita ada
dengan apa yang Allah SWT kurniakan kepada kita
untuk sekecil-kecil kurniaan sekalipun
dan jangan lupa
untuk dugaan/ujian juga

Saturday, April 14, 2012

garlic oh garlic

[credited] it's garlic..
[credited] and this one..bunga garlic and how it looks before jadi garlic like the picture above..beautiful isn't it?


dh masuk hari sabtu..nearly two..not sleeping yet..ish..
just done sending 19 emails for about two hours few minutes ago because the line during those time is just a bit faster than walking snail..haih..[but i just love doing it.. ^^ in the meantime while waiting...i played some games (err..exactly..two types of games..after some time not playing it..hihi) and listening to bro Maher Zain's songs..just four (number one for me, freedom, the chosen one, i believe)]

the reason why i put some pictures of garlic up there because
i think that i had some garlic allergy
it just happened..hmm..few months back then
but before this..i never realise it..and not even thinking of because of what i ate
but just happened that..i got the symptom of nausea..and just felt wanting to relate it to what i had ate which was cooked with garlic as spices..and felt want to check about garlic allergy..
 and..i had few symptoms..
but..i am not really sure whether this is really a garlic allergy or not
according to a friend of mine which is a doctor to be..he said that allergy should have started since small my just happened a few months back..
but he said..i better go to the do the diagnosis..
and to check my blood pressure..
because i might having low blood pressure
(tapi asyik duk lewat sokmo je..baguslah tu..haha)

so..the conclusion is
i need to see a doctor
though he said he will do some checking on my health prob
and to check my blood pressure
(bile la nak boleh dapat donate blood ni?huhu)

hmm...waiting for the good news insyaAllah :)

have a good day y'all ^^ :D

*just done another job with the's fun this time..can help you guys ;)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

a week passed

Ketika ketabahan sedang diuji, maka kesabaran adalah kuncinya!

insyaAllah..walaupun ia datang bertimpa-timpa..semoga dapat terus sabar dan tabah

[personal collection] InsyaAllah..allahumma amiin...

last thursday, got a call at 7 something in the news that my ayah had an accident..that time i didn't know yet how serious he is..and what kind of injuries he had..because my mek didn't get all the info yet...but during afternoon..found out that his left broken ankle was broken..Allah...super him and us all..after some deep thought decided to go back friday night..and have my journey back to perlis on sunday i only had one full saturday to be at home..alhamdulillah i can take care of him in the ward even just for awhile..on saturday's was really worthy..cuz i had many first hand experience that evening..that was very meaningful to in the future when he might go i had those memories to be remembered..

[dari asha] kaki ayah..yg disnap pada sabtu petang

and the previous day..which was wednesday..had a call from mek..she informed me that my grand uncle had just passed away..after some kinda long ill..alhamdulillah i had the chance to pay him a visit during last i wasn't feeling so much aggrieved..but..still felt sad with his loss..

it's been a week now..he still i wish that the distance between kangar and kota bharu is just about one hour i wish..then..i can go back every weekend to devote myself as a daughter..before my devotion is to be given to my i wish Ya Allah

praying hard that everyone can stay strong..him mostly..remembered what he said to me..on that saturday morning..before i went to the bus station..Ya Allah...

syukran jazilan..thank you very much..terima kasih tak terhingga
to those who cares..kepada semua yang mengambil berat...
*kadang-kadang..apabila berlaku sesuatu kepada kita..we can found out which one is kawan/sahabat/rakan*
whatever it is..thanks to all who asked, pray for him..and advising and giving me support to stay stronger..
thanks for that full support too..yang tak terhingga